Culture in Santa Pola

Want to get to know the culture of this region? Santa Pola has a number of attractions. Roman remains have been found in both Santa Pola and Elche. 

Portus Ilicitanus

At the Museo del Mar, you can learn more about Roman times in Santa Pola formerly called Portus Ilicatanus. Santa Pola was the port city of Elche, the remains of the old port were discovered in 1982 and lie near the Saturday market. Together with the port of Cartago Nova, today's Cartagena, Portus Ilicitanus was the most important Roman port in south-eastern Spain and is mentioned in many documents.

Museo del Mar Santa Pola

Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola

This 16th-century castle can be found in Plaza de Glorieta and is part of Alicante province's cultural heritage. The castle was used to defend against pirates. In 1859, the castle became the property of the Santa Pola City Council and has been used for various purposes ever since. Now you can walk  around.

Isla Tabarca

About 9 kilometres off the coast of Santa Pola is the island of Tabarca. It is Spain's smallest island with a year-round population. Its population is around 80 people. It is definitely worth visiting the island.