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The vacation apartment of Dormir del Mar in Santa Pola is within walking distance of the beach. Santa Pola is located on the Costa Blanca. The impressive coastline of the Costa Blanca owes its name to the beautiful beaches and the many almond trees. When the almond trees are in bloom, the coastline takes on a white appearance. Costa Blanca literally translated means "White Coast."

Steep cliffs, beautiful beaches, mountains, lagoons and salt flats all these landscapes can be found along the Costa Blanca. The variety of the area has ensured that there are several natural parks in the area.

There are 74 beaches along the 240 kilometers of Costa Blanca coastline. In addition to the large cities, there are also many smaller coastal towns and villages.

Distances cities
City  Distance
Elche   18 km
Alicante   20 km
Murcia   63 km
Cartegena 85 km
Distances sightseeing
Sightseeing  Distance
Castillo Fortaleza de Santa Pola    950 m
Acuario Municipal   1,1 km
Las Salinas de Santa Pola     6 km
Isla Tabarca      8 km


Distances nature reserves
Nature reserves  Distance
Fulla Roja     2 km
La Sierra y el cabo Santa Pola     4 km
Parc natural de les salines de Santa Pola     3 km


Distance beaches
Beach  Distance
Calas de Santiago Bernabeau  500 m
Playa de Llevant  800 m
Gran Playa     2,1 km
Playa Lisa       2,8 km
Playa Tamarit     3,8 km
Playa La Ermita       6,4 km


Activities Santa Pola

The great thing about Santa Pola is that you can do so many different things. If you are someone who loves culture then there is plenty to explore. If you are more of a nature lover, then you can enjoy hiking, bird-watching or enjoying the sea, but if you prefer an active/sporty holiday, Santa Pola offers that too. We have outlined some of the points below.

The historic centre of Santa Pola has a number of interesting sights. Evidence has been found that the first settlement dates back to the third millennium BC. Wondering what else the city has to offer? More information.

The Dormir del Mar flat is on the Costa Blanca. This coastline has many different landscapes and a number of natural parks. Some of these are located near the holiday apartment. More information.

There are many different sports that Santa Pola offers like several water sports, cycling, hiking or running. Wondering what is possible? More information.

Do you like shopping? In Santa Pola itself, there are individual shops and boutiques. Nearby, there are several large shopping malls. More information.

Santa Pola is a good area for children, they can enjoy playing on one of the beaches or playgrounds. Or visit Santa Pola its own amusement park. Want to know more about activities for children? More information.

Within walking distance of our accommodation are several restaurants. You don't have to walk far for a delicious Spanish dish! Check out the restaurants we recommend. More information.