The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest and Spanish cuisine is one of the main founders of it. The most famous dishes are paella, tortilla, tapas and some sausages like chorizo and many more scrumptious dishes. After Japan, Spain is the second largest seafood consumer. If you are a fish and/or seafood lover then you can indulge in Santa Pola. If you like to buy fresh fish, there is a fish market close to Plaza Constitución 35.

There is a wide variety of restaurants, not only Spanish cuisine but also, for example, Italian, Indian and Argentinian restaurants. We could make a whole list, but we have selected a few:

A very comprehensive list of restaurants in Santa Pola can be found here.

Route de Tapeo or also called the Tapeix de Santa Pola takes place once a year and usually sometime in February or March. Several restaurants take part in this initiative and introduce you to Santa Pola's gourmet cuisine.