Spain is a very child-friendly country and Santa Pola too has many different activities for children and whole family. Besides the beaches, there are:


Near our accommodation is a small playground, but in Santa Pola you will also find several more. 

Pola Park

Pola Park is Santa Pola's amusement park and suitable for children of every age category. The park includes 25 attractions including slides, a roller coaster, karts, mini-golf and etc. For prices and opening hours, check the website of  Pola Park.


For your visit to the zoo, you do need to take the car (approximately 10 minutes). Rio Safari Park Elche is a fun zoo with a water park attached. Besides visiting the monkeys, lions and giraffes, you can cool off in the water (so don't forget your swimming gear). More information on opening hours and prices, you can find on the Rio Safari Elche website Rio Safari Elche.

Acuario Municapal de Santa Pola

This urban aquarium, you can learn about Santa Pola's underwater world. This aquarium also offers protection to certain species. There are 9 different aquariums with different types of animals. Want to know more about the urban aquarium? Click here

Dino park in Alicante

Dinopark is for small and big Dinofans. It is not only about entertainment it is also educational. It is a fun experience not easily forgotten. The park features beautiful moving and static dinosaurs (actual size). There is a 3D cinema, a palaeontological playground where small visitors can use a brush and shovel to reveal the skeleton of a prehistoric creature in the sand. Besides these attractions, there are many other fun things for young and old. Do check Dinopark's website for opening hours Dinopark.